spiral tunnel freezer

spiral tunnel freezer

Spiral Freezer Systems –Advanced IQF - Tunnel Freezer Systems

Advanced IQF Tunnel Freezer Systems. Advanced Equipment Inc. has been designing and manufacturing both spiral freezer and tunnel freezer systems since 1976. Our spiral freezer systems and IQF processing unit systems are known worldwide for reliability, low maintenance costs, superior sanitation features, custom solutions and a high return on investment.

Tunnel Freezer (IQF) - Unifreezing

Our tunnel freezer is composed of two series-connected belts, which are spatially separated. In the first stage, the products are cooled down from +15° C to about 5° C.

Used coolers and freezers for the food industry - barsso

Barsso buys and sells second hand machinery for the food and meat industry. Have a look at our range of used coolers and freezers.

Maxicool Technology (Thailand) leading in -70 C freezing ...

Maxicool Technology (Thailand) leading in -70 C freezing technology. The best technology to preserve you frozen food

Unifreezing - Spiralfreezer, IQF flowfreezer

more than 20 years experience in building: spiral freezers & coolers. ambient spiral coolers. tunnel freezers (iqf) cartonbox freezers. foil & belt freezers. plate freezerss (horizontal & vertical)

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Yantai Moon is located in Yantai Shandong Province, which is on the west coast of the pacific ocean. Acorss the sea to the east are Japan and Korea. The transportation of Yantai is very convenient with advanced highway and railway networks leading to the whole country.


ADVANCED FREEZERS™ supplies cooling and freezing equipment to the global food manufacturing industry. It has been committed to continuous innovation, and is widely recognised as being at the forefront of chilling, freezing and hygiene technology.

Asia Cold Storage

Welcome. Established in 1982, ASIACOLD STORAGE CORPORATION is a corporation specializing in the production of refrigeration equipment. Since our establishment, our company has been making efforts to obtain endless momentum by advanced management pattern and fostering highly skilled work team, to cater for the market requirement and provide the customers of better products.

bestworld.com.my - Bestworld Equipment Sdn Bhd

Bestworld Equipment Sdn Bhd WE STAND BY OUR NAME Bestworld Equipment Sdn. Bhd. was established in 1997 with a single focused objective to be the best in the world in the supply and manufacturing of ice making and food processing machines.

Freezing and refrigerated storage in fisheries - 4. Freezers

Many of the faults of air blast freezers can be attributed to insufficient or non-uniform air flow over the product. Air must be directed to flow uniformly over the product and not merely be blow into the freezer space to find its own way to where it is required.

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KAMY series of Roadheaders offers the best cutting performance in a wide range of rock formations. Equipped with geometrically optimized transverse or longitudinal cutter heads, these flexible machines can be used to excavate subway tunnels, road tunnels, railway tunnels and water tunnels without using explosives.